Students at the Moss Department of Construction Management joined with peers around the world to talk about these powerful tools that take building to the next level. The Trimble Technology Lab Conference is an annual event that brings together professionals and academics in the construction management field. This conference provides a platform for knowledge exchange and showcases the transformative potential of Trimble’s hardware and software solutions. With over 80 attendees from 16 universities worldwide, all hosting a Trimble Lab on their campuses, the conference fosters a deeper understanding of how Trimble’s technology is being integrated into construction management education globally.

One of the key highlights of the conference was the spotlight on SketchUp, a powerful 3D modeling software used extensively in architectural design and construction planning. A graduate-level estimating class taught by Department Chair, Dr. Jose Faria, demonstrated how a student utilized SketchUp to undertake a final project with remarkable precision and efficiency.

The master’s in construction management student, Sridhar Sadhana, shared his experience with SketchUp, stating, “Working with Dr. Faria in the estimating class for the last five months has been a remarkable experience. We embarked on an experiment using Trimble SketchUp for estimating, which turned out to be a game-changer. SketchUp allowed us to create detailed 3D models, leading to accurate cost estimation and visualization. This streamlined the process and achieved a level of accuracy that would have been challenging with traditional 2D methods. Today, I had the opportunity to present our research and models at the Trimble conference, which was truly amazing for me.”

Beyond the presentations and demonstrations, the conference provided opportunities for networking and industry engagement. Attendees had the chance to interact with Trimble experts, gaining insights into the development and future trajectory of construction technology. The event also facilitated meaningful connections by opening doors for potential partnerships and career opportunities, which bridge the gap between education and industry.

The Trimble Technology Lab Conference served as an educational platform for Trimble’s latest innovations in construction technology. With a focus on improving efficiency, productivity, and collaboration, Trimble showcased a range of tools that catered to various aspects of construction management.

As Sridhar Sadhana, a student who utilized SketchUp for his estimating project, eloquently stated, “Trimble Lab has been a transformative experience for me as a student. It has provided me with the tools, knowledge, and support to explore the world of geospatial technology and develop practical skills that will shape my future career.”

The Trimble Technology Lab Conference, hosted by the FIU Moss Department of Construction Management and Trimble, served as a gathering point for educators, researchers, and students from universities worldwide to explore the latest advancements in construction technology. With its dedication to fostering innovation and excellence in the construction industry, the FIU Moss Department of Construction Management takes pride in its partnership with Trimble, providing students with opportunities to engage with industry-leading technologies such as SketchUp, HoloLens, and X7 Laser Scanners (all Trimble Technology). By co-hosting this prestigious event, FIU demonstrated its commitment and active role in shaping the future of construction management. The university remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing the next generation of construction professionals and fostering continued collaboration with industry leaders like Trimble.

A Trimble employee is guiding a student from FIU through a HoloLens demo.