FIU’s Moss Department of Construction Management hosted the Spring 2023 Career Expo, featuring over 55 companies and 200 students.

This Spring, FIU’s Moss Department of Construction Management brought together 58 leading companies in the construction industry, both local and national. This congregation, which was held in the FIU Graham Center ballrooms, harbored a remarkable networking hub, as over 200 participants were in attendance.This year’s semiannual exposition provided a unique opportunity for both alumni and students to interact with these outstanding corporations to get a true sense of the corporate construction world. It should also go without mentioning that these connections are provided for these individuals as a form of transition into future job openings or hirings. This career expo served not only as an employment event but also as a chance to develop students into upcoming professionals.The collaborations at this expo included Moss & Associates, The Morgan Group, Kaufman Lynn Construction, Wharton-Smith Inc., ANF Group Inc., MGM Construction Group, Thornton Construction, Link Construction Group, FL Lemark, Brasfield and Gorrie, Verdex Construction, Robins & Morton Group, and Keller Construction.