Company: Victory Capital Group

JOB SCOPE – Provide onsite coordination and support for all phases of operations, planning and construction activities. Coordinate and communicate effectively with project manager subcontractors, processors, design professionals, and inspectors. Ensure quality control, job site safety and schedule deadlines. Support Project Manager on different aspects of scheduling, budgeting, estimating and planning.



· Speak English and Spanish

· A degree in construction management, engineering, or similar field

· 2 years minimum of construction experience (in the field), working for a general contractor.

· Writes effectively and clearly. Can compose a grammatically correct email to City/County Officials, architect, engineer or other design consultants if required. Can present information to Project Manager in a concise manner.

· Proficient at reading and understanding surveys, plans, elevations and cross sections.

· Organizational and time management skills. Professionalism, teamwork, punctuality and dependability.

· Ability to problem solve and collaborate with professionals/subcontractors

· Proficient with MS Word, Excel and Basic Math skills.

· Be computer literate and have ability to learn and work with computer-based construction management software.

· High attention to details and quality control.

· If needed, ability to exert physical effort, handling construction materials up to 25 pounds.



· Assist with permit management and coordination of documents. Work with processor to ensure all plans, applications, revisions, shop drawings, City forms or any other construction related paperwork is provided to the processor in a timely fashion.

· Assist Project Manager to coordinate date to date scheduling, production, procurement of materials, manpower and equipment for upcoming projects and current projects.

· Maintain a current document turnover log for permitting and project management. Who has what and when they received it.

· Photograph job site and keep builder trend updated.

· Assist Project Manager with requesting bids and organization of estimates and invoices.

· Navigate Ibuild, inspection routes, public records (county/city) etc.

· Ensure site safety (signage, gate locks, trash, reporting of dangerous conditions etc.)

· Ensure nobody other than subcontractors enter the job site.

· Maintain all current documents on site and have them readily available (master permit documents, revisions, shop drawings, appliance package, plumbing package, design package and other elevations or design documents.)

· Present for inspections and have the appropriate log, document, plan, revision available for reviewer by City/County inspector.

· Daily on-site supervision of sub-contractor work, monitor and report to project manager

· Daily communication with project manager and subcontractors, must ensure. subcontractors show up to the job site on time and perform as scheduled.

· Keep track of materials and equipment on site.

· Emergency response, document and call 911(if needed).

· Quality control, identify deficient work, document and communicate to Project Manager.

· Maintain confidentiality of the project, plans, budget or other confidential information.

· Travel between job sites and manage work load of individual projects

· Maintain cleanliness on all projects under construction.

· Inspect work in progress to ensure that workmanship conforms to specifications and adherence to construction schedule.


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