The Women in Construction Luncheon hosted by Thornton and the Moss Department of Construction Management, which took place on March 9th, was a successful event celebrating women’s achievements in the construction industry. The event was hosted at Florida International University’s Engineering Center in Miami, Florida, and brought together women from all areas of the industry to network and share their experiences.

The luncheon included a panel discussion featuring women leaders in the construction industry. The panelists included Kim Paez (Thornton Construction), Karla Marval (Thornton Construction), Carol Gordon (Hurricane Resistant Construction), and Maria Guillem (Florida International University. The panelists shared their insights on topics such as leadership, mentorship, and work-life balance and answered questions from the audience.

Overall, the Florida International University Women in Construction Luncheon was a great success. Partnered with Thornton Construction and featuring a panel of accomplished women in the industry, it provided a forum for women in construction to come together, share their experiences, and learn from one another. By promoting diversity and inclusion in the industry, events like this are helping to build a stronger and more dynamic construction workforce.