During Construction
• Assist in quality control for each trade in the community.
• Assist in inspection of delivered materials for quality management.
• Assist in preparation of project safety plan.
• Responsible to document daily inspections in community.
• Ability to understand production scheduling and building codes.
• Engage in community housekeeping and hold trades accountable.
• Assist in site layout planning (parking areas, equipment organization, material storage,
• Assist in addressing quality issues with vendors (resolve and schedule
repair/replacement of material/labor, backcharges, etc.)
• Assist site superintendent to ensure all inspections will pass.
During Leasing
• Assist in performing move-in and move-out inspection assessments.
• Inform corporate office of violations of community guidelines.
• Assist in response and completion of residential service requests in a timely manner.
• Assist in resolving maintenance issues in residential units during and between leases.
• Engage in maintenance of grounds, including common areas.
• Ability to provide outstanding and passionate customer service to external and internal

Qualifications, Education and/or Experience:
• This is an internship position that will provide exposure to several departments
(Purchasing/Finance/Acquisitions) but will focus on Construction Management.
• Ideal candidate will be actively enrolled in a Construction Management degree
program from a regionally accredited university or college.
• Translate classroom experience into practical application.
• Ability to operate with integrity.

If interested please send your resume to: Kim Johnson
Project location: Broward county